My name is Alexandra Ogochukwu Iguh-Caroli.
A certified health nutritionist and a nursing student in Sweden.

My mentor is Dr. Andreas, a Swedish doctor and the founder of diet doctor and I also consult with learned colleagues, family members in the medical field and friendsĀ on LCHF related matters as well as absorbing the mass of NIH research studies and literature available online.
I have guidedĀ thousands of people to not just lose weight but conquer dangerous chronic diseases like Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, PCOS, Allergies etc.


My passion is to see the world healed by revolutionizing their way of eating.

I have 4 yrs of experience in this way of eating from liberal to extremely strict. I have experimented on different methods to achieve different kinds of results and I have spent a lot of time adapting this lifestyle to suit the common Nigerian. I want you to be able to go to Tejuosho Market or Eke Awka in Awka or Ogbete Market in Enugu to buy normal, local and healthy food.
I have always been passionate about cooking and healthy living since I watched my grandmother die from diabetes when I was 17 years old.

Even though I had studied to be a Lawyer I was never really interested in a profession as I hated the idea spending my life defending liars in Court.
Since my grandmother died, I swore to find a way to cure what I believed to be a lifestyle disease.
Many years later living in Sweden, married with a daughter I decided to go and study to be a nurse focusing on diabetes. At the same time I was studying to get certified as a health nutritionist learning about diabetes, causes and even cures!
Sweden is a country that focuses on preventive medicine.

One day, the teacher spoke about LCHF and we had Diet Doctor come and give a speech. His website was pulled up on the big screen and I could not believe my eyes. At this point I was still struggling with a big belly and excess post-partum weight that I had not been able to shift.
He described a big stomach as a wheat, grain belly (Beer belly cos Beer is made from grains) and explained that taking grains away will give you a flat stomach!

There my relationship with LCHF was born.

  • I started researching and experimenting.
  • I delved deeper and deeper and experimented more getting incredible results!
  • I was filled with this overwhelming passion to share this wonderful way of life.
  • I started LCHF for Nigerians in 2015.
  • That is my journey so far. Yours is just beginning.

Thank you for letting me be part of your story.