Here’s another of my recent creations that has taken the Nigerian LCHF community by storm

The Faux-Akara and this means there’s no Beans in sight and it tastes just as divinely good.

Heres a quick and easy way to make your LCHF Akara or even Moimoi if you choose to steam it instead of frying.

The Faux-Akara By Alexandraimage


Here’s how u achieve this piece of perfect Faux-Akara
I used ground Chicken
Added Crayfish
Cameron pepper
Palm Oil ( The orange stuff in top, it goes hard when it’s cold here)

I mixed everything up and fried in Palm Oil.

Below are pictures.

In the bowl is ground chicken, crayfish, salt, pepper and Palm oil.


Mixed together


Fried in Palm Oil.






You can even steam it and make Moimoi.



Thanks Abiodun for the Moimoi image. She took the recipe and created Moimoi out of it! LCHF is about creativity and I am thankful that she’s allowed me use her picture because I am not a fan of Moimoi so won’t be cooking mine anytime soon.

12 thoughts on “Faux-Akara By Alexandra”

  1. I will have a go at making this at the weekend. I may experiment with fish fillet as well. I hope mine turns out as nice as yours. Fingers crossed.

  2. The Faux Akara and the moi-moi look really good! Could you please let me know roughly how much chicken (for example is it 200g?) makes the final quantity of Faux Akara you made? Also is the plate of 8 pieces of Faux Akara one portion size for eating to lose weight on the LCHF programme?
    I just want to get it right and would appreciate your reply. Many thanks.

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