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To make your own rendered animal fat which you can use for cooking and frying. You can use this the same way you use any other oil and it’s better for you and kinder to your pocket and better for the body asides the fact that your foods will be tasting amazing!
Follow the steps below.
Go to the butcher, abattoir, or where they kill animals like Cow, Ram, Sheep even Pig.
Ask for the fat, all animals have fat, under the skin, inside the stomach and around the organs like the kidney.
You might get it free or pay very little for it. I have bought already packed here and 1kg cost me like 50 Naira and yesterday I got 10kg for about 500 Naira.
If you can’t find plain fat, any fatty meat like Tozo will be your next option.
Cut up in small pieces or grind, ( you need a very solid grinder cos your regular grinder won’t be able to do this, mine nearly packed up and I had to bring out my Kitchen Assistance ( Bosch) which has an extension for that and it’s pute iron.
I found out that grinding it made the melting process shorter. I mean what took 1hr when it was chopped in pieces took about 10mins and give you the most virgin fat ever!
Anyway, however you choose, cutting or grinding, pour in a pot and cook on very low heat, stirring from time to time to make sure that everything is being heated.
As you heat it, the oil will be seeping out. You can at this point, start scooping the oil out or do as I did, I had a sieve on a pot where I simply turned everything in, let it drain and then put back on heat until no oil was coming out. This process is more effective when the meat is ground.
Once you are done, drain the oil and pour in wide mouth jars, this if because it will harden once cool and a little thicker than butter so you won’t be able to simply pour it out, you will need to scoop or cut up.
This you can use for anything including soups etc and the flavour is amazing. Has a very high smoke point so the best for deep-frying.
I have dived in head first, and i won’t even turn back. I am probably a #CaveGirl, I don’t mind but I’ve never felt better in my entire life. I love my fatty tozo meat and being able to have the flavour in all my cooking is amazing.
I will attach pictures both for chopping up and grinding.

Heres à piece of Cow Fat


Here it is chopped up or ground.




When its being slowly heated.





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