I currently run two group coaching programmes online. Both begin the 1st day of every month and the target is to enable you shed about 7kg of excess fat effortlessly every month.


You will learn about LCHF (Low Carbohydrates and High Fat)

You will learn how to prepare delicious meals using local ingredients.

Yoi will get to try out a lot of new things, recipes that I have developed over time that are simple, quick, easy and effective to keep you full, nourished and satisfied while you shed weight effortless.

The two group coaching options are


  1. One month group coaching known at KickStartU By Alexandra in association Funlola. This is the perfect program for you who wants to just test the waters and learn the basics. It’s fun, interactive and everyday will be an exciting one to look forward to. This is the first stage we have christened The Awakening.

To order for the 1 month KickStartU program, please pay 6000 Naira to the account below. Please email after payment.

include your laymen details and “KickStartU” In the subject line.

Alexandra Ogochukwu Iguh-Caroli
Access Bank


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  1. TransFormU By Alexandra. This is a 90 day group program with the goal to totally transform you both inside and outside. You will have fun while you learn to adapt to this lifestyle. You will shed weight effortlessly with a group of others for motivation and support. Lots of exciting things planned as I develop new ideas, you will be the first to get a taste. This program has been christened The ReBirth. To join, It costs a one time payment of 15000 only.


To order for the 3 month TransFormU program please pay 15000 to the account below. Please send an email to with “TransFormU” In the subject line.

Alexandra Ogochukwu Iguh-Caroli
Access Bank


Looking forward to working with you!




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  1. I am Onyii Ogbonna one of the October Bootcamp member that you asked to join the November Bootcamp.

  2. My husband need to loose weight, but his work will not allow him to stay online constantly like that. But can I pay and join the kick start u. The awakenin geoup on his behalf?

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