Infertility, PCOS and LCHF


Many of you are used to the traditional way of eating which includes lots of “healthy carbs” to give your body energy throughout the day, very limited fats, and moderate protein. I’ll get to why this is actually isn’t the best diet for PCOS later buy lets just cover the basics now.
So, with the Ketogenic diet, we switch some major key elements of the typical food pyramid. Instead of the body using carbs for energy, the goal is to get into a state of ketosis (which the body normally temporarily experiences most mornings) so that the body will use fat for energy instead. The ketogenic diet has been highly researched and all evidence points to the fact that eliminating or significantly lowering the amount of carbs consumed (limited to 20-50 grams daily to reach ketosis) is the best way to lose weight, maintain health, and treat many disorders like PCOS, diabetes, epilepsy, and even some cancers. The Keto diet is totally safe, and there is no starvation involved.
When the body utilizes fat for energy, blood sugar levels and insulin resistance are significantly lowered. This happens because when carbs are consumed instead, (good or bad) they are converted into sugar (glycogen) in the body which then has to be controlled by insulin. If those carbs are limited, there is no glycogen, insulin has less work to do, and insulin sensitivity is improved.
By now, I’m sure you’ve figured out that if most PCOS symptoms are typically caused by insulin resistance, and Keto diet improves insulin resistance, then switching to a Keto diet can significantly improve your PCOS symptoms. It’s really that simple. Below are a few reasons I decided to go to Keto which might help you figure out if Keto is right for you.
You will lose weight : I’ve been full Keto for 4 years now and I have never felt better. Seriously. I haven’t counted 1 calorie and I’ve enjoyed all my meals. There is no need to count calories while following the Keto diet because, as long as you pay attention to your macros (proteins, carbs, and fats), the calories will take care of themselves AND you will lose weight. Once you reach a state of ketosis (it takes 4-7 days for most people) your body turns into a fat burning machine! That means with a little deficit in your fats, your body will turn to stored body fat for energy.
There is proof in the pudding: Trusting that your body can run off foods like bacon, eggs, and steak can be a little too good to be sure, I know. Thats why I want you to read this study and not just trust everything I say.
The effects of a low-carbohydrate, ketogenic diet on the polycystic ovary syndrome: A pilot study, 2005:

Women with PCOS were placed on a Ketogenic diet for 24 weeks. By the end of the study, there was an overall improvement of weight loss, free testosterone levels, LH/FSH ratio, and insulin across the board. 2 women even wound up pregnant after facing infertility prior to the study. I had linked this study in the comments yesterday as a response to the doctor who told me to keep quite instead of blabbing when I had no idea what I am talking about so I felt the need to explain how I understand the condition ( It’s an endocrine disorder and so is diabetes) based on extensive research and putting what I be learnt into practice with amazing results, most of the women conceiving naturally despite several IVF failures.
There are so many yummy food options, look around you: In the past, I struggled with what to eat so basically lived on Eggs, I felt great, barely any hunger and I did not mind living on just eggs just so I can stay feeling this good and healthy. One doctor even told me to avoid eggs. WHAT! Man, I love eggs and have been feeling amazing, I printed a bunch of research papers and added a note to him telling him that if he wanted help with his pot belly, that I would be happy to teach him how to get rid of it. I explained that I could not take dietary advice from someone who looks like a heart attack waiting to happen! I mean if he was lekpa, then maybe I would listen.
While I’ve been Keto (yes, I have taken on this diet as a way of living now. Lol). I’m eaten a bunch of good food. Steak from all kinds of Animals ( if u know me well, you’ll know that I love my meats and my crazy sauces) , Salmon, butter (lots of it), and full flavored fatty goodness like sliced Pork Belly, Lamb Ribs and chops, Duck, have you tried Duck? Duck is the #EndOfDiscussion as far as birds go. I’m full, healthy, and happy. Most LCHFers enjoy dairy products but I avoid everything except grass fed butter. Dairy products still cause inflammation which may screw up your PCOS and it makes me retain fluid hence my meal plans are near dairy free.
There is a good chance you will regulate your menstrual cycle relatively easy: I’ve worked with many people with PCOS who email to say they started their period within 2-3 weeks of starting my meal plan, average conception happens within 6 weeks.
Think about it- if there is less insulin floating around in your blood, then there will also be less testosterone, and your lady parts should (if you don’t have any other complications) tell Aunt Flow it’s clear to show up.
All of your symptoms should improve: With improved insulin sensitivity and less testosterone floating around then all of your other PCOS symptoms should improve as well. That means less acne, depression, anxiety, improved ovulation, improved skin discoloration, and the list goes on. I’ll be writing more about this because many women really need this information along. Good night.

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