Do you want to get rid of 7kg forever in 30 days?


Have you been trying to lose weight? Have you tried everything without luck? Well you have not tried LCHF.

LCHF is the only way to lose weight without the need to starve or kill yourself exercising. You will lose weight even while you are sleeping. You will eat delicious real foods and enough to be full.

If you are interested in my  30 LCHF 101 program where you will learn all things LCHF, eat delicious meals in good company while losing weight, then consider registering.

Essentially a 30 day introduction and you’ll lose weight while at it!

Whether you are looking to lose body fat, reverse your type 2 diabetes or HBP,  improve your mental focus and clarity, reverse hormonal issues or simply regain general well being of your body and soul, or just feel better, I will be able to help guide and direct you to your success.

What you will get:

Weekly meal plans with different options to choose from.

You will learn how to prepare different meals from the recipes I have created or adapted with readily available ingredients.

Monitoring, guidance and support from myself and some of the best LCHF success stories.

Meal plan guaranteed to help you shed about 7kgs while you learn how to cook different meals from the recipes that I’ve created.

This is designed for serious folks who want serious results and you will be in a group of like minded individuals for maximum support!

So if you are serious about your success, then proceed to register because I am serious about your success too! Ask around, I don’t kid about, because I want you  to win at this and I will be brutally honest with you!

To register, please pay 6000 Naira to:

Alexandra Ogochukwu Iguh-Caroli
Skye Bank

If you live outside Nigeria, please click the link below and choose £10 or $14

Pay Via PayPal


with your payment details.

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You will be contacted within a few days with instructions on how to proceed.
Deadline is 28th September.


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