TransFormU By Alexandra.

This is a 90 day Private Facebook group coaching  with the goal to totally transform you both inside and outside. You will have fun while you learn to adapt to this lifestyle. You will shed weight effortlessly with a group of others for motivation and support. You will learn how to cook delicious meals from my own collection of recipes, try new things, relearn old habits and acquire new ones while your body undergoes a total transformation both inside and outside.

Expect to shed about 20 to 25kg by the end of the 90 days.

Lots of exciting things planned as I develop new ideas, you will be the first to get a taste. This program has been christened The ReBirth. To join, It costs a one time payment of 15000 only.

To join the 3 month TransFormU program please pay 15000 to the account below. Please send an email to

with “TransFormU” In the subject line.

Kick off 1st day of every month.

Alexandra Ogochukwu Iguh-Caroli
Access Bank

If you live outside Nigeria, use the link below

Pay With PayPal
Choose currency  and amount $40 or £35

Looking forward to working with you!


7 thoughts on “TransFormU–The ReBirth”

  1. Goodmonin. Well I am signing in for my husband.he is on the weight side while I am light. And he also has hemorrhoids. So how do we sister is in the group and she is enjoying her body.thnx

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