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Tired and toxic Liver.

Your liver plays a major role in weight loss.
The liver is a chief organ in the body for metabolism functions. Keeping our liver at optimal health should be a main focus of your weight loss plan.
The liver makes and secretes bile for storage in the gallbladder. During digestion, the bile is moved to the intestine to break down fats.
But, if the liver is congested, it doesn’t produce enough bile for fat to be broken down. The liver can become congested from chemicals, toxins, drugs ( thinking of those who pop Malaria pills as soon as they feel the keto flu, be careful, ain’t nobody gonna donate a part of their liver to you) and heavy metals. Evidence of a “fatty liver” (aka insulin resistance) is often shown by a roll of fat ( your waistline is over 40inches? Pay attention!) at the waistline, which happens because the liver has stopped breaking down fat and started storing it. Only once you bring your liver back to full function, will you lose this fat.
When the liver is overloaded and toxic, every organ in a person’s body is affected and weight loss efforts are stalled.


Image depicting weight gain as a result of a toxic liver.

Some signs of a toxic liver are weight gain,
abdominal bloating,
indigestion, fatigue,
mood swings, depression,
high blood pressure
elevated cholesterol,
and skin rashes.
Many people struggle with weight gain and a sluggish metabolism most of their lives, and go through lots of yo-yo dieting unsuccessfully. “So why doesn’t anything really work?” we may ask. We have been tackling the symptom when we should be addressing the cause; weight gain is often due to poor liver function which in turn leads to all sorts of hormonal issues and inturn weight gain.
The liver performs more than 400 different jobs, and is the body’s most important metabolism-enhancing organ; it acts as a filter to clear the body of toxins,
metabolize protein,
control hormonal balance
and enhance our immune system.
Your liver is a “worker bee” that can even regenerate its own damaged cells! But our liver is not invincible. When it is abused and lacks essential nutrients, or when it is overwhelmed by toxins, it no longer performs as it should. Fat may build up in the liver and just under the skin, hormone imbalances can develop, and toxins increase and get into the blood stream.
The liver metabolizes not only fats, but proteins and carbohydrates for fuel.
It breaks down amino acids ( I am fascinated with Amino acids) from proteins into various pieces to help build muscle; which directly impacts how you burn fat.
It also transports amino acids through the blood stream for hormone balance; which is critical to avoid water retention, bloating, cravings, ( Enter my Maxima) as well other undesired weight issues. Amino acids also help move waste, such as damaged cholesterol, and used estrogen and insulin to the liver, for detoxification and elimination through the kidney. I wish I could write more from here on but I don’t think I am ready for the onslaught that will follow so will save it for another day.

The liver’s most important function, and the one that puts it at greatest risk for damages, is to detoxify the numerous toxins that attack our bodies daily. Working together with the lungs, kidneys, skin and intestines, a healthy liver detoxifies many damaging substances and eliminates them without polluting the bloodstream. When we cleanse the liver and eat the right foods, liver metabolism will improve and we start burning fat. As liver function improves, so does energy. With more energy, fitness improves, because we have the ability to exercise more and improve our muscle tone.

The following are the most common symptoms of a toxic liver; being edgy,
easily stressed,
elevated cholesterol,
skin irritation,
sleep difficulties,
kidney damage,
heart damage,
brain fog,
chronic fatigue,
weight gain,
blood sugar imbalances,
or obesity.

The liver also plays a role in migraines. If this vital organ is overloaded with toxic substances, it can cause inflammation that triggers migraine pain. If you have tried many ways to improve your health and energy level and nothing seemed to help, it is possible that your tired liver is triggering your difficulties. Restoring liver function is one of the most essential actions you could ever do for your health. When the liver gets congested it will remain that way and get worse until it gets cleaned and revitalized. On how to fully revitalize your liver? Stay tuned because its story for another day, deserves its own post.

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